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Blake Bortles: "The one more improvement would be to win"

A few quarter-season statistical totals for the Jaguars offense are inspiring. The win-loss column, however, is not.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars rank 18th in the NFL in total yards this season, which is a decent stride from 31st place on that same list last year.

However, the Jaguars have uncovered touchdowns on only four of their 11 possessions from inside the opponent's 20-yard line this season. This 36.4% percentage gives the Jags a ranking of 29th in the NFL.

This has undoubtedly become the most irritating storyline through the first quarter of the season -- the Jaguars just can't get over that red zone hump.

The inability to climb this red zone mountain has gifted the Jaguars with a 15.5 points per game average. This average mirrors the scoring average from the past two seasons for the Jaguars, which is discouraging considering that the team has visibly improved in a few key areas.

Blake Bortles is on pace for close to 4000 yards this season. Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson are on a pace for close to 1200 yards each. Climbing anywhere close to these numbers would be a huge accomplishment for an offense that struggled so mightily last season.

But without deciphering the red zone formula and finding a way to put points on the board, nothing substantial is going to change.

Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles spoke about scoring on Wednesday.

"The one more improvement would be to win, obviously," Blake Bortles said. "We've done everything. All our numbers are pretty good with the exception of offensive scoring, which (is) the bottom-line. It's the only one that matters, right?"

To win, you need to score points.

These points come from scheme and from taking advantage of opportunities, but most of all, they come from a willing quarterback.

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson spoke on Wednesday as well, and talked briefly about Blake Bortles' ability to lead the team to victory.

"That's a very admirable quality to have in a quarterback and that's certainly one that you need in a winning organization. He has to feel that I will carry this team on my shoulders. It is coming."

Blake spoke on the same subject.

"As a quarterback in this league, there are times when you have to be able to will your team to victory. We've had those opportunities and haven't been able to get it done."

This week, the Jaguars offense must get it done in Tampa.

Blake Bortles carries a career record of 0-8 on the road. He can't afford to be 0-9 on Sunday. The Jaguars need this win badly, if not to salvage their season then to prove that their offensive improvements are not one big mirage.

A lot of the quarter-season totals for the Jaguars' offense are inspiring. The Jaguars overall performance and execution, however, has been far from inspiring.

Whether it takes a young quarterback willing his team to victory, or an offense finding a way to put the pieces together -- something's got to give on Sunday.