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Gus Bradley on Bold City Brigade: 'I don't know if words can express it.'

The Bold City Brigade is bringing thousands of Jaguars fans to Tampa and the coaches and players know it.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are traveling to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this weekend... and literally thousands of fans from the Bold City Brigade will be coming with them.

The Bold City Brigade has organized an away game trip for years. This year, it's within the state of Florida and only a matter of hours by bus. Because travel is shorter, the usual crowd in the hundreds for Bold City Brigade's trips has turned into thousands.

"Yeah it’s unbelievable," head coach Gus Bradley said on Friday. "The group I know the Bold City Brigade is taking over 2,500 or something like that. It’s amazing. I know we mentioned it to our players and it’s unbelievable. I don’t know if words can express it."

Mike Kaye of First Coast News was able to get a few of the players' reactions.

"It's awesome when you get the fans come out there and [they] support us, especially since the game is so close and it's an in-state game," said defensive end Ryan Davis. "I think the Bold City Brigade does a great job traveling and making sure we're taken care of on the road. It's a great deal to me for this game because I'm going back home and not only do I have my family and friends but I have the Bold City Brigade there, cheering us on."

"That's definitely super tight, having the fans and the crowd to follow us down and help us battle on the road," said safety Sergio Brown. "All of the energy, the noise, everything they bring to the table, it just heightens our playing environment, so I really, really greatly appreciate what they're doing."

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