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Source: Universe wants the Jaguars to win the AFC South

Some ancient astronaut theorists believe that some force of nature wants the Jaguars to win the AFC South. But what if I told you...

It seems like there is some cosmic force trying to give the Jacksonville Jaguars every opportunity to back their way into being AFC South champions for the 2015 season.

I know it feels like we keep saying this and every time it appears the Jaguars can put themselves in the driver’s seat, like on Sunday against the New York Jets, they shoot themselves in the foot… but suddenly something else happens. Things were looking bleak coming off the bye week, but the Indianapolis Colts lost and the Tennessee Titans hired Mike Mularkey.

Then the Jaguars lost.

Then news broke that Colts quarterback Andrew Luck will miss up to six weeks with a lacerated kidney.

Some ancient astronaut theorists believe that some force of nature wants the Jaguars to win the AFC South.

The young offense seems to be brimming with playmakers, though they still make some mistakes, the team suddenly can’t stop scoring points. Blake Bortles has emerged as someone who you could legitimately discuss as making his way to the Pro Bowl as an alternate. The Jaguars have arguably the most productive wide receiver tandem in the NFL, unarguably the best young one, and T.J. Yeldon steadily grinds out yards and is starting to flash some big play ability as the season goes on.

Julius Thomas hasn’t even really gotten going yet, production wise, but his impact just being on the field is starting to show.

While the defense has it’s issues, they’ve done their part keeping the opposing teams close the past few weeks with chances to win late in the game, but the schedule keeps screaming to the Jaguars to win games.

I know I’m the negative nancy around here, shockingly, and I have no faith the Jaguars can actually pull it off down the stretch, but man… something out there keeps making everything come up the Jaguars way, at least in who they’ve faced. Through the first eight games they’ve played Matt Hasslebeck, a rookie Jameis Winston, Brian Hoyer, E.J. Manuel and a dinged up Ryan Fitzpatrick. They’re about to face a struggling Joe Flacco, Marcus Mariota twice, Brian Hoyer again and likely Matt Hasslebeck again.

It’s unlikely the Jaguars will ever face a more friendly schedule ever again and it’s about time they take advantage of it.

Something out there keeps leaving the door open. Just walk through it.