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Yes, I actually think the Jaguars are going to the playoffs

Before Sunday's game, I said that if the Jaguars beat the Ravens they'd go to the playoffs. And I'm sticking with that.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Before the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Baltimore Ravens on a field goal during an untimed down, I said Jacksonville would win the AFC South and go to the playoffs if they won and miss out if they lost.

The Jaguars won. They only won because Elvis Dumervil committed the dumbest penalty I've ever seen in professional football, but they still won. And it didn't matter how they won, I thought (and still think) a victory would set this team on the road towards the playoffs.

But the Jaguars are a bad football team.

But the Jaguars have a coach that many thought would've been fired by now.

But the Jaguars have an inconsistent defense and a second-year quarterback who plays somewhere between Brett Favre and Brett Hundley depending on the play.


The AFC South sucks

Forget that the Jaguars are bad for a second. Why? Because everyone is bad in the AFC South. Okay, got it?

All things equal in the division, which team is the healthiest? Who has the best quarterback? Hell, who has the best offense? Who has the easiest remaining schedule in the NFL?

The Jacksonville Gotdamn Jaguars, that's who.

Make no mistake. I think the Jaguars are a bad team. But they're playing bad teams for the rest of the year.

Week 11: vs. Tennessee (2-7) - Mike Mularkey
Week 12: vs. San Diego (2-7) - Meh, we'll probably lose this
Week 13: at Tennessee (2-7) - See above
Week 14: vs. Indianapolis (4-5) - Without Andrew Luck on the road, possibly
Week 15: vs. Atlanta (6-3) - We'll probably lose this too
Week 16: at New Orleans (4-6) - I mean, they lost to Mike Mularkey
Week 17: at Houston (3-5) - Their head coach will be on his way to Maryland

Have we won any of the games we should have so far this season? Yes. We've lost some of those too.

But when you look at games we should win, we've closed out two of them in the past three weeks. And if we close out the Titans on Thursday night, that's a trend over a four-week span and it doesn't matter two shits what happened before then.

Hell, the entire AFC sucks

Now let's look at the AFC as a whole. The Jaguars are two games out of the Wild Card spot. Never mind they're in a crappy division. They're in a crappy conference.

Momentum is real, y'all. And it only needs to last until Thursday. See you at EverBank Field.