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What the heck happened on that final Jaguars drive vs. Ravens?

The final drive in the Jaguars vs. Ravens game was the biggest derpfest of all time so of course we're going to break it down play by play.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Baltimore Ravens 22-20 on Sunday with a field goal on an untimed down after an Elvis Dumervil facemask as time ran out during a Hail Mary.

Somehow the above is a factual statement.

The final drive wasn't even all that good, but it was one of the most memorable finishes to a Jaguars game I've ever seen and I'll be damned if we won't break down every play of it.

Play #1: Marqise Lee over the middle

This was designed to go to Lee from the get-go. It's a quick shot for easy yards to get the offense in sync and also get them out of their red zone.

Play #2: Allen Hurns over the middle

Another designed quick pass over the middle, this time to Allen Hurns. I'm fine with the play calls, but when you only have 60 seconds to get 50 yards and you spend half that time to get 16... Next play has to be to the sideline, right?

Play #3: Bortles runs out of bounds

I can't wait to see the coaches film on this one because I'm curious as to if this was a designed run by Bortles disguised as him "trying" to find an open guy down the field.

Play #4: Bortles throws behind Lee

After a horrendous false start by left guard Zane Beadles, Bortles is ready to throw another one over the middle, again to Lee. Had it been completed, the Jaguars would have been just five yards away from the 45-yard line, which would have been just five yards away from setting up Jason Myers' season-high 58-yard field goal. Alas.

Play #5: Bortles almost throws another late-game interception

We were so close to a third straight game where Bortles threw an interception in the last few minutes of the game. Why, Blake? Why are you throwing off your back foot? Why are you throwing where Jaguars receivers are not?

Play #6: Julius Thomas over the middle

Honestly, was there any distinguishable difference between Julius Thomas and Marcedes Lewis against the Ravens? At this point Greg Olson is going for the last-second Hail Mary because of two missed passes over the middle.

Play #7: This play is art

Stefen Wisniewski gets the snap off on time and that's literally the only thing that goes right for either team on this play. Bortles falls down, Jermey Parnell doesn't think the play is live, and his defender -- Elvis Dumervil -- wraps up Bortles by twisting his facemask and earning a penalty. It is poetry in motion.

Play #8: Myers atones for his sins

I don't know how you miss a 26-yard field goal minutes earlier and then nail a 53-yard kick in a win-or-lose situation, but Myers did it and you can watch it here.