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AFC playoff picture: Jaguars knocking on the door with key games coming against Titans, Chargers

The playoff picture for the AFC conference as a whole is more wide open than you think.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in the NFL playoff picture. I repeat... the Jacksonville Jaguars are in the NFL playoff picture

At 3-6, it would look bleak any other year, but with a wide open AFC conference they're just one game out of the division lead and still hold a chance (albeit slim) to clinch that home playoff game, according to Jay Boice and Nate Silver over at

The Jaguars have an excellent chance to win three of their last four on Thursday Night Football against the hapless Titans. They then face the 2-7 Chargers who are a formidable team and then they play the Titans once again.

That means the Jaguars could realistically be 5-7 after a trip to Tennessee. That's like 8-9 wins at that point in any other division.

Yes, puts the Jaguars at a 14% chance of winning as of right now. Let's see what happens after two games against the Titans and one against the Chargers.