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Observations from a Week 10 win against the Ravens

Observations and musings from a miraculous win vs the Ravens.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

1) A win is a win.

At this point in the season, where each game is truly meaningful and the team has something to play for, a win is a win. It doesn't matter how it happens. If they win by barely turning 4 straight turnovers into points, missing 26-yard FGs, and only having a chance because of a facemask penalty on what was a mess of a final play, then so be it. The point of the matter is that the Jaguars have been on the other side of these games for a long, long time. Nevermind that the Ravens are now 2-7 and this wasn't a division game, this game and win was absolutely huge. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

2) Davon House did what he was signed to do.

The whole reason the Jaguars gave House a $6.25 Million a year contract despite him never being a consistent starter in Green Bay is because he showed he was a playmaker. The Jaguars have not had a playmaker at DB since Mathis, and the fact that House's 2 INTs yesterday are the only INTs by a Jags DB is the greatest proof of that. Don't let the still head scratching benching vs the Bills skew your opinion, though. House being a playmaker vs the Ravens wasn't a new development for this season. He has been shadowing #1 WRs with effectiveness and getting his hands on passes all season (2nd in the NFL in PBUs). The difference is this time he was able to turn some of those PBUs into INTs. I guess they do come in bunches.

3) Bortles is going to need to play better if the Jaguars really want to make the rest of the season interesting

Despite the fact that they won, and despite the fact that overall the 2015 offense has been a breath of fresh air, Blake Bortles has to play better than he did vs the Ravens. He has to. The INTs can be put up with as long as he is still making big plays, but against the Ravens he looked like 2014 Bortles. Bad mechanics, leaving his WRs out to dry or making them have to make crazy adjustments, and simply missing throws. They don't need Bortles to be Brady, but they can't have him be 2014 Blake again for the rest of the season. Not when the games are this big.

4) Allen Hurns deserves all the praise he gets and more.

Allen Hurns is the toughest player on this team and you can not convince me otherwise. The guy was in a walking boot all week, but he single handedly put the offense on his back more than once. From a UDFA to what he is now, Hurns is the best story on the team.

5) I am OK with this defense if turnovers continue.

There is no changing this defense dramatically overnight. At least not in season. Right now they are what they are; A good run defense and a frequently terrible pass defense. Despite giving Flacco all day and making his throws relatively easy for the most part, though, the Ravens only scored 20 points. Why? Because of the 3 turnovers caused by the defense. If the defense can continue to start causing turnovers, they can live with their lack of overall effectiveness for the rest of the season.

Weekly superlatives

Offensive Player of the Week: Allen Hurns.

Both Allens played really well, but Hurns gritting out that performance while injured was special to watch.

Defensive Player of the Week: Davon House.

He was really benched. Wow.

Best Play: The FG.

This shouldn't really be a surprise.

Rookie of the Week: T.J. Yeldon

All season it has been pretty much between Yeldon and Cann for this award, but Yeldon gets it again. There wasn't a ton of running room, but he was able to make plays regardless, and was again an impact as a receiver.

Hanxed It Award: Elvis Dumervil.

How do you facemask in that situation?

Bi-Weekly Draft Take: Shawn Oakman=Andre Branch?

Watching Baylor/Oklahoma on Saturday night and then watching Andre Branch on Sunday is what finally make this comparison click to me. Oakman is obviously bigger but if you put the film of the two of them playing both the run and the pass side by side, you will see remarkably similar results. Both are tall, long DEs who are simply too unathletic to really make a difference as an edge rusher. (And don't let the memes fool you. Oakman is unathletic.)

Stat of the week: Have a day, Davon. (h/t Tad Dickman)

.@DavonHouse is the 1st player in @Jaguars history to register game with 2+ INTs and 8+ tackles (only player in NFL to achieve feat in '15).