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Jaguars finally get a little luck in Ravens win

It’s probably the first time I’ve been mad about winning a football game. But who cares?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not that I’m mad the team won because of any agenda or belief, but the fact that I had already gone through the slew of emotions that come when the Jaguars were in the middle of squandering yet another game they should have won during the 2015 season. It’s a team that should be 6-3 and we were about to fall to 2-7 and my fears of an empty stadium on Thursday Night Football were going to be realized.

Then Elvis Dumervil grabbed Blake Bortles face mask as he was stumbling out of the snap to fall into a game ending sack.

Free untimed play. Jason Myers drills it.

What just happened?

Myers wasn’t already cut and kicked out of the stadium for arguably the worst field goal attempt I have ever seen in my life?

The Jaguars have been a team without much luck during the 2015 season. They’ve been lucky in how the schedule has been served up to them, but in the game they’ve been unlucky. They were about to lose to a bad Baltimore Ravens team who turned the ball over four times and seemed as if they were trying to give away the game. Then they got lucky.

Sometimes, you need a little luck.

I’m not going to invoke the 1996 season, because I honestly don’t think other than record it’s similar to that magical run. Though, I guess... maybe they can retire Peyton Manning like they did Jim Kelly? Anyway, the point is the Jaguars haven’t had much luck this season. They were unlucky to lose to the New York Jets. They got lucky to beat the Ravens. Thanks to a bad AFC South, they’re still in the running with a divisional matchup on Thursday against a team that Gus Bradley typically beats.

He’s also undefeated in prime time games.

There was a lot wrong with Sunday’s game. There’s a lot to complain about from Sunday’s game. It was one of Bortles' worst games as a pro, in my opinion. I let that torrent of emotion out during the game and after the kick.

Who cares?

Go kick the Tennessee Titans' ass on Thursday.