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Jaguars vs. Titans fantasy football: T.J. Yeldon's injury could boost Blake Bortles' numbers

While Jaguars running back T.J. Yeldon will likely play against the Titans, he'll be limited by injury... and that could be big news for Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, and Allen Hurns.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

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Jacksonville Jaguars running back T.J. Yeldon is on a short week and missed practice on Monday and Tuesday, but all signs are pointing to him playing on Thursday Night Football against the Tennessee Titans.

But even though Yeldon is optimistic, the reality is that he's on a short week and is just a day away from being in a walking boot. Yes, Yeldon thinks he's playing and that he'll have a strong role in the offense, but he was just as optimistic leading up to the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he didn't play a down.

Which could be really big news for the passing offense, specifically Blake Bortles, Allen Robinson, and Allen Hurns.

Blake Bortles is still middle of the road when it comes to FanDuel salary. He costs just $7,500, which is good for 12th among quarterbacks. Allen Hurns' injury hasn't really affected his salary as he's 12th in the league at $7,700, but it seems to have bumped up fellow receiver Allen Robinson's salary, which is currently 9th in the league at $7,700.

Yeldon's FanDuel salary is what's been affected the most, obviously. He's 21st in the league now at only $6,400. If you're looking for a boom-or-bust guy to help save money at other positions, monitor Yeldon's status on Thursday and pull the trigger if it looks favorable.

If Yeldon can't play, the Jaguars backfield would likely be led by Denard Robinson, with Toby Gerhart also involved. If that's not a recipe for success for Bortles, I don't know what is.