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Jaguars offense will look to get back in sync on a short week

After a lackluster offensive performance against the Ravens, the Jaguars will now look to make corrections and give it another go in a shortened game week.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After an offensive explosion in their week nine loss against the Jets, the Jaguars' offense descended back down to Earth with a less-thrilling performance in their week ten win over the Ravens.

Quarterback Blake Bortles' 188 total passing yards against Baltimore on Sunday is less than half of the total he achieved against New York. It is also Blake's third lowest single-game total of the season.

This dip in production wasn't due to a lack of passing. Blake threw the ball 45 times on Sunday -- his third-highest single-game total of the season -- but only came away with a 48% completion rating.

Moving forward, the offense can ill afford to average numbers like these.

The Jaguars' offense appeared at times on Sunday as if they were carrying bulky furniture up stairs -- they made very little progress, and when they did, it was very hard to come by.

Earlier this week, offensive coordinator Greg Olson spoke about the team's lazy Sunday.

"We were out of sync," Olson admitted. "I think for most of the season, we talk to our players about trying to get better every week. I think they've done that for the most part. We haven't had, like I said, a lot of dips. I felt like last week we were out of sync a little bit. They recognized it, looked at the tape, will make corrections this week and move on."

For most of the 2015 season, the Jaguars offense has been far from lifeless. Second-year wide receivers Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson are both on pace for well over 1000 yards, while rookie running back T.J. Yeldon has absorbed and maintained a respectable chunk of the offensive load. After a lackluster season opener, the offense has put together a string of contests with a decent amount of production, yet, not much to show for it.

On Sunday, the team's fortune was reversed. Blake Bortles had one of the his worst showings of the season, but the team still walked away with a win.

Olson was asked about Blake's uninspiring performance. Unsurprisingly, he shifted the blame towards the entire offense.

"We were just trying to find a rhythm," Olson said. "Let's get in a rhythm here and get it rolling here again. We just didn't find that rhythm. That's one me, that's on Blake, it's on everybody. It's on the entire offense. We'll do a better job of getting into rhythm."

There will always be a few Sundays where a team unit appears out of sync. In fact, the Jaguars' offense has suffered through more than a few of these Sundays in recent seasons.

This season, on the shoulders of a new offensive scheme and maturing young talent, the Jaguars appear to be breaking through. A short week and Thursday match-up may in fact be beneficial to the Jaguars' young offense, as they'll gain an opportunity to shake off an uncharacteristic performance and get back to the fundamentals that have sustained the group though eleven games.

A shorter timeframe between games might just present a closer platform to rebound off of.

"(Blake) will have a chance to bounce back," Greg Olson mentioned towards the end of his media availability.