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5 questions with Music City Miracles: "This defense has struggled against the run all year"

We talked with Jimmy Morris of Music City Miracles ahead of Thursday night's Jaguars vs. Titans game and learn more about this week's opponent.

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1. What is Tennessee's feeling on Mike Mularkey? He had a huge win against the Saints but then a devastating loss to the Panthers.

Mularkey is just the guy to get them to end of the season. He has made the obvious adjustments that Ken Whisenhunt failed to make. The most important of those is protecting Mariota. He has only been sacked once in the past two games. Developing Mariota is the only job he has for the rest of the year. That starts with protection. Mularkey will get an interview when the season is over, but there is virtually no chance he is the Titans coach in 2016.

2. What's the greatest deficiency on the Titans offense? How should an opposing defensive coordinator game plan against it?

The offensive line isn't very good. They have done some things to help those guys out -- shorter drops, leaving tight ends and backs in to protect -- but the line is still the weakness of this team. It is pretty east to game plan against it. You take talented guys and line them up on the opposite side. That is what the Panthers did on Sunday. The Titans had success two weeks ago because the Saints aren't very talented. My guess is the Jaguars fall somewhere in between. It should be an interesting matchup.

3. What are Titans fans most scared of on the Jaguars offense? Blake Bortles? Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson? Someone else?

It has to be Allen Robinson. The Titans best corner, Jason McCourty, was placed on injured reserve this week. Their second best corner, Perrish Cox, missed the Panthers game because of a hamstring injury. The Titans hope to have him back this week, but they could be in real trouble against Robinson if Cox can't go. The No. 3 and No. 4 corners are pretty bad.

4. Is there a Jaguars player on either side of the ball that you say, "If the Titans don't stop him, we're in trouble"?

Robinson is probably the most obvious answer, but they need to start by stopping T.J. Yeldon. This defense has struggled against the run all year. They can get after the quarterback in obvious passing situations. You get there by winning on first and second down. They haven't done that enough this year. That is where it needs to start in this game.

5. What's your prediction for Thursday? Who's coming out of this one the winner?

I like the Jaguars to win this game at home. Neither of these teams are very good, so the nod goes to the team with better skill players in my opinion. I'll take Marcus Mariota over Blake Bortles any day of the week, but there is no doubt that Bortles has the better weapons.

I can see this game shooting out a little bit: Jaguars 27 Titans 24.

Bonus: Write a headline for Friday's Florida Times-Union.

Jaguars Win On Last Second Field Goal For Second Straight Week. (They wouldn't pay me to write headlines.)