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NFL Trade Deadline: Will Jaguars make a move?

Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell has never been big during the NFL trade deadline, but could a lackluster defense cause him to get outside his comfort zone?

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, November 3rd at 4 p.m. EST and multiple teams could be looking to make some trades to help bolster their roster as they make a run for the playoffs, including the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Typically, the NFL trade deadline ends like a wet fart and nothing really notable happens. For a team like the Jaguars it’s unlikely they’ll strike a deal with anyone, but some of the names that are rumored to be available would actually make a lot of sense. With the AFC South up for grabs, the Jaguars should at least make inquiries to some of the players that are rumored to be available, because there’s a real shot to win the division if things continue to fall their way.

So who’s available that the Jaguars could (or should) be interested in?

Barkevious Mingo

The Cleveland Browns former first round pick is rumored to be on the block. While that might sound scary that a guy who was picked in the top-10 is available just two seasons after being picked, it makes sense when you think about it. The Browns picked Mingo with the idea of making him a 3-4 outside linebacker to rush the passer, but he just doesn’t fit that. He’s a guy who’s much better with his hand in the dirt and accelerating off the edge. He would seem to be a nice fit for what the Jaguars want at the LEO position, but the question is always cost.

Mingo is under contract through the 2016 season with a fifth-year option and the Jaguars can easily absorb the cap hit on a deal that’s quite reasonable.

Willie Young

A name that’s been bounced around before as someone the Jaguars should look to trading for is Chicago Bears linebacker Willie Young. The Jaguars previously tried to sign Young in free agency in 2014, so we know there is some familiarity and interest. Young also reportedly asked to be traded to a 4-3 team, because he doesn’t really fit the Bears 3-4 defense.

He’s coming off a 10-sack season in 2014, but got injured late in the year and has had a slow start in the Bears new 3-4 defense. Young is also under contract through 2016.

Vinny Curry

A name a lot of Jaguars fans are familiar with, because they wanted the team to draft him, is Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry. Curry is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season and hasn’t been a real fit in the Eagles two-gap 3-4 defense. He’s a traditional 4-3 end that’s been bounced around in the Eagles defense trying to find a spot because he’s been productive on the field. Last season playing out of position, Curry netted nine sacks. It’s also not the first time there have been rumblings of Curry being on the block.

Of all the players, Curry seems like he’d be the most realistic target because the compensation shouldn’t be that much given he’s on the final year of his deal. Something like a conditional third day pick should get the job done, I would think. They don’t need to trade him, but it doesn’t seem likely the team will re-sign him either, so they might err on the side of getting something for a player they’re going to lose anyway.

Eric Weddle

There aren’t really any rumors out there about Weddle being on the trading block, but more so just thinking ahead. The San Diego Chargers reportedly haven’t made any effort to try to re-sign the veteran and Weddle is scheduled to be a free agent at the end of the season. Weddle, who turned 30 in January, has been dealing with some injuries this season but he’s still an effective player at a position the Jaguars desperately need.

Weddle could be a potential stop-gap target in free agency during 2016, so why not see if the Chargers will let him go for a cheap draft pick, since it’s clear they don’t play to re-sign him?

None of these are likely to happen, but if the Jaguars do go shopping at the trade deadline, those are the players I would keep an eye on.