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Week 11 sack analysis vs. the Titans

Analyzing each sack given up by the Jaguars all season, moving onto Week 11.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into the TNF matchup with the Titans the Jaguars had given up 29 sacks, and they surrendered 4 more this week.

Sack No. 1:

Situation: 2nd-and-20 and Titans 28 yard line. 4:30 left in Q2.

The Sack: Everybody downfield covered, Wiz gets bodied

Who was at fault: T.J.Yeldon

This sack could be attributed to a few different people. There was good coverage downfield and Beadles got beat horribly to force Blake to move up, but ultimately Yeldon has to give a better performance blocking than that.

Sack No. 2:

Situation: 3rd-and-3 at Tennesee 5 yard line. 0:43 left in Q2.

The Sack: Sack #2. This isn't as bad on Joeckel as twitter killed him for. Blake runs back into it.

Who was at fault: Blake Bortles

I know Luke got killed for this during the game, but looking at it again there is no way this is on him. Parnell got beat around the edge but instead of stepping up in the pocket Blake runs backwards, right into the DE. Just really poor awareness.

Sack No. 3:

Situation: 1st-and-10 at Tennesee 47 yard line. 12:20 left in Q4.

The Sack: Sack #3. All of these starting to blend together lately

Who was at fault: T.J. Yeldon

Yeldon whiffs on another pass block, forces Blake to walk right into the DE. He has been really struggling as a blocker as of late.

Sack No. 4:

Situation: 3rd-and-9 at Jacksonville 40. 6:41 left in Q4.

The Sack: First sack Wiz has given up on the year, and he makes sure to make it look extra bad.

Who was at fault: Wiz

Really bad technique by Wiz vs the blitzing LB. Can't overextend and not move your feet at all when the guy across from you is a better athlete.

Here is the updated sack accountability chart.

Player or situation

Sacks at fault for.

Luke Joeckel


Zane Beadles


Stefan Wisniewski


A.J. Cann


Jermey Parnell


Blake Bortles


T.J. Yeldon


Sam Young



(Coverage sack, free blitzer, etc...)