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Jacksonville Jaguars Q&A: How has Greg Olson done?

Is Jason Myers safe? Does Gus deserve one more year? Where is John Oesher?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Your 4-6 Jaguars are one game out of the playoff picture. The team still finds itself afloat in a disappointing AFC, searching for ways to ride newfound momentum to the end of a weakened schedule. A Thursday night win a week before Thanksgiving gifted the team with plenty to be thankful for, but plenty of questions to be answered as well.

The team faces the Chargers for the third time in three consecutive seasons on Sunday, this time at Everbank as 4.5-point favorites. You've got questions, and we've got you covered.

Jonathan from Zephyrhills, FL

Q: After a winning kick against Baltimore and a perfect game against Tennessee, is Jason Myers safe for the rest of the season?

A: Eh, there is still a lot of football left to play. As good as he has been in recent weeks, he has had as many equally bad moments. Best to just let the season play out.

Gav from Oxford, UK

Q: It's clear that, even if we're not quite there, the Jags are on the rise after years of mediocrity. As a new-ish fan (only since last year) I wonder if there was a specific moment in franchise history where you could pinpoint the downward swing starting? Hiring Gene Smith? A particularly bad draft somewhere? Gabbert?

A: This is a good question, and one that could be answered a few different ways based on who you ask. Personally, I believe the "downswing" began when the Jaguars had an opportunity to beat the Colts and seal the division in 2010. They lost this game 34-24, then lost their remaining two games and missed out on the playoffs. The following offseason, the Jaguars had their worst draft in team history and cut starting QB David Garrard a week before the season started. This started the Gabbert era and, well, you know what happened.

Clarence from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Hey Ozone do you think we should make a bid for Quinton Couples? He's just 25. When Fowler comes back next season, we just might have that 2 headed monster we've been looking for.

A: I think you have the wrong number.

Kabriel from Oviedo (by way of Jacksonville)

Q: If the Jags improve to 5-6 this week and 6-6 next week, what are the chances that their home game against the Colts gets flexed to Sunday Night?

A: I think a more likely scenario would be a week 17 game vs the Texans flexed to SNF, if the game is the deciding factor of the divison.

Travis from Jacksonville, FL

Q: How do you think Greg Olson has done as OC? Good, bad, or somewhere in between?

A: Greg Olson has sparked the Jaguars passing attack this season with his "easy-read" scheme, which has allowed Blake Bortles and second-year receivers Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson to take a very real step. Much like we thought he would, Olson has played to his players strengths and the team seems to be benefiting from this. Olson has also appeared to, perhaps, over-use certain schemes or grow too patient at times with play calling, leading to stalling drives and redzone conversion issues. But overall, I'd say Olson has been a good signal caller for a young offense.

Alan from Aurora, IL

Q: So, you know how Blake likes to stick his tongue out while throwing - do you ever worry that he will catch a blind side hit and bite it clean off?

A: I do in-fact worry about Blake's tongue, Alan, which I suppose is relative to my worry about the world in general. I also worry about Blake's arm, his legs, the decisions he makes -- well, I guess I'm just a worrier. I worry about the economy, global warming, dying, season 4 of Gossip Girl, what I'm going to eat for lunch... in no particular order.

Keegan from Lancaster, PA

Q: Do you think Gus deserves his job if we miss the playoffs? I think that if we had a better coach we could of had this season wrapped up by now. Earlier losses this season will come back to haunt us.

A: "Does Gus deserve his job" and "Do you think Gus will coach here next year" are two very different questions that too often get mixed up. Do I think Gus deserves another year if they can't pick up 2-3 more wins? Eh, probably not. But he will be here next year no matter what happens, time for us to accept that.