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3 trades the Jaguars should have made

The Jaguars didn't make a move during Tuesday's NFL Trade Deadline, but they should have.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars didn’t make a move at the NFL trade deadline, which really wasn’t all the surprising. Rarely does anything happen at the deadline and it’s actually by far the worst trade deadline in all of sports. It constantly gets people hyped for a move, but in reality adding someone virtually mid-season is only going to have a minimal effect in most cases.

In most cases.

For the Jaguars however, with the division up for grabs, here are three moves the Jaguars should have made prior to the deadline:

Eric Weddle

The Jaguars have an issue at the free safety position, and even though Weddle is older and an impending free agent, it seems pretty clear the San Diego Chargers aren’t going to keep him. From what I’ve gathered, his play hasn't really dipped a lot and he’s battled some injuries, but adding a player like Weddle to the Jaguars would help quite a bit.

You’d get an established veteran in the heart of the young secondary and likely a fix at the safety position until you’re able to draft someone. If you could have given up a conditional day three pick for Weddle and signed him to a three-year deal, that would have been a great move for both teams. The Chargers playoff hopes are essentially gone and they get a pick for a player they’re not likely to keep and the Jaguars add a veteran to a position of need.

Vinny Curry

The Jaguars pass rush is bad and adding someone like Curry would help it. You’re simply not getting home with guys like Chris Clemons and Andre Branch and adding someone like Curry would help. He’s been productive, despite playing out of position, and could be a big boost to the Jaguars defense.

Without a pass rush, most adequate quarterbacks are going to shred the Jaguars defense. Simply getting a competent rusher on the line to put in the rotation would have had a cascade effect on the rest of the defense. Suddenly with pressure, comes interceptions and big plays for the defense. I think the Jaguars really missed the boat on this one.

Arthur Brown

Brown has been a name a lot of Jaguars fans have looked at as someone to trade for because of his pre-draft hype. He’s never lived up to the hype though and isn’t really a fit in the Baltimore Ravens 3-4 defense. He’s been a healthy scratch a ton of times for the Ravens and rumored to be dangled for teams to come and get.

The Jaguars depth at linebacker is pretty bad and adding Brown to the lineup might have been a nice spark for the roster. If any of the three starting linebackers goes down, the Jaguars in trouble. It’s entirely possible Arthur Brown is just bad, but I can’t imagine it would have taken much for a team who puts him as a healthy scratch constantly to let him go.