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James Corden's parents visit the Jacksonville Jaguars in London

Yes, another late night talk show host did a "NFL in London!" segment, but this one was actually pretty funny.

The Jacksonville Jaguars made their annual trip to London two weeks ago to take on the Buffalo Bills and every late night talk show host had a routine, a punchline, or a segment related to it.

Including London-born James Corden, who hosts The Late Late Show, which was previously hosted by Scottish-born Craig Ferguson.

So, of course, Corden -- born and bred in London -- had to do a bit about the Jaguars and the NFL in his hometown. But instead of actually going, he sent his parents to talk with players and coaches, attend the game, and more. As Corden says, "You can have fun at an NFL game in London even when you have no idea what is going on."

Eyerolls, right?

Actually, it was a funny segment that included a naked Sen'Derrick Marks, a press conference with Blake Bortles, and Sergio Brown putting towels on everybody.

And if for some reason the embedded video isn't working, you can watch it here.