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The Jaguars scored 51 points for the first regular season game ever

Jacksonville has never scored 50 or more points in a regular season game... before Gus Bradley, that is.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars did something they've never done against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. They scored 50 or more points in the regular season.

That's right. Gus Bradley -- Gus Bradley -- is the first Jaguars head coach to get his team to 50 or more points in a regular season game.

This wasn't some high-scoring game where the teams went back and forth either. This was a Colts team that scored their 16th point early in the third quarter and then gave up 35 unanswered points to the Jaguars. This was Gus Bradley and Greg Olson saying, "F*ck manners. It's our turn." This was a 4th-and-goal in the final minute with the crowd chanting "WE WANT FIF-TY! WE WANT FIF-TY!". This was CBS cameras catching Bradley and Olson smirking and chatting on the sideline as they decided to let Blake Bortles quick snap the ball and dive over the pile to give EverBank Field what they wanted.

Yes, the offense is on pace to shatter all sorts of franchise records. Bortles is on pace for 4,000 yards and close to 40 touchdowns. Allen Robinson has over 1,000. Allen Hurns will get to 1,000 also. T.J. Yeldon has 1,000 all-purpose yards.

And they're all under 24.

Obviously, the franchise record for points in a game goes to Coughlin's 1999 team that put up 62 against the Miami Dolphins in the AFC Divisional Round. But as far as the regular season goes... today is a first.

And how sweet it is that it came against the Colts, right?

Bradley gets a lot of shit, and deservedly so. But he did something at halftime that made the offense play their asses off. And when he was up by one touchdown, two touchdowns, three touchdowns, four touchdowns... he kept his foot on the gas.

Thanks for a fun Sunday, Jaguars.