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Jacksonville Jaguars Q&A: Should the Jaguars start Posluszny or Tripp?

It's Thursday... and that means we're taking your questions about Rashad Greene, the choice between Paul Posluszny and Jordan Tripp, and much more.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan from Callahan, FL

Q: For 2016, do you think Rashad Greene should continue to be the main return guy or should he be integrated more into the offense? Both?

A: Why not both? At very best he can develop into the No. 4 pass option behind Robinson, Hurns, and Thomas, so it's not like it would be putting too much on his plate. He can be a big matchup advantage from the slot and his style meshes with Blake's well, so I say give him a bigger role.

Andy from Jacksonville, FL

Q: With Paul Posluzny being cleared to practice on Wednesday, and the possibility open for him to play Sunday, what would the smarter decision be: Start a healthy Jordan Tripp who played a decent game Sunday or Posluszny? How effective can he be with the club hand?

A: Jordan Tripp did some good things against the Colts. In the first start of his career, he remained in position (for the most part) and seemed to handle the headset duties relatively well. However, in your scenario, the smartest decision would probably be to start Posluszny. As much as Tripp may have outperformed his expectations on Sunday, it was still just one game and Poz is still the undisputed quarterback of the defense. Poz will still be effective with a club, but might struggle releasing from blocks.

Mark from Boston, MA

Q: Recently Mark Brunell compared Blake Bortles to a young Brett Favre. Who are your top comparisons for Blake Bortles at this stage in his career and why?

A: Bortles is a high-variance quarterback, and for this reason, Brett Favre is a great comparison for the second-year quarterback. Blake is fearless and casual on the field -- traits that scare some people, but traits that make him the efficient passer he is nonetheless. Blake's size draws comparisons to Big Ben, and his gun slinger mentality reminds some of Matt Stafford. Lately, some have compared Blake's play-to-play variation to Eli Manning's. But overall, Bortles is a pretty unique player.

Chris from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Q: Does Dave Caldwell reward Allen Hurns with a long-term deal this off season? He has clearly outplayed his rookie contract.

A: I'd like to hope so because I'm a #fan, but I don't know if it gets done. Because of the rookie wage scale, guys like Allen Robinson aren't making much more than Hurns. This year, Robinson's salary is $877,718 and Hurns has a salary of $515,000. Robinson's bonus and escalators probably make his a little bit more but not by much. Hurns' contract runs through 2017 and Robinson's runs through 2018. I could see both of them getting new deals next offseason, not just Hurns. But if it happens this offseason, I'd be happy for him.

Jon Lee from Richmond, VA

Q: Jason Myers has a big leg, but with 7 missed PATs his accuracy at close range is alarmingly low. Do we stick with him, address this in the draft (and if so, how high?), or look for a free agent or veteran in the offseason?

A: I don't think we'll use a draft pick on a kicker or a punter any time soon, but I do think we'll see several veterans in the mix for kicker next spring. I just can't see leading the league in missed extra points and sticking around.

Alan from Aurora, IL

Q: Do you expect Toby Gerhart, Jason Myers, Andre Branch, or Chris Clemons to be on the roster next year?

A: No, maybe, yes, and no.

Vince from Buffalo, NY

Q: Should the Jaguars' first round draft board basically read: "1. Jalen, 2. Jaylon, 3. Cry if neither are there when we pick"?

A: You had me at Jalen.

Sergio from Oxnard, CA

Q: Obviously don't wanna get too ahead of myself, but how do you feel about the chance of a rematch with the New York Jets in the Wild Card round? Good chance we advance to division round don't you think?

A: If the Jaguars make the playoffs and if they host the Jets in the AFC Wild Card round, they won't be one-and-done in the postseason.

Dre from Hamden, CT

Q: Why does Luke Joeckel hold so much? Can we get rid of him already or put some competition there?

A: First, I don't think Joeckel holds all that much. Second, every offensive lineman doesn't. In fact, the difference between good and great linemen is that the great ones know how to hold in a way that won't get called. Third, Joeckel has been more than good enough to assume he's the starter going forward in 2016. Sorry, Dre.

Jeff from Seymour, IN

Q: I've been in the 'Fire Gus' camp for several weeks now, but with the offense rolling the way it is and the high expectations for next season with all the returning talent, should I be rooting for him to keep his job so we don't lose Greg Olson and the offensive scheme and momentum?

A: I don't think Bradley being fired precludes Olson from leaving. In fact, depending on who we bring in as a replacement, they could want to keep most, if not all, of the offensive staff. Every position group has made major strides this year. That being said, I don't think Gus is fired this offseason.