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Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Nick Marshall's development could be huge for team

If undrafted free agent Nick Marshall can develop into some sort of reliable fixture at cornerback, it'd be huge for this Jaguars team.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Nick Marshall's development would be huge for Jacksonville Jaguars -
In Week 14, the Jacksonville Jaguars stepped out of their comfort zone in a game that Gus Bradley deemed more about the team finding itself than outmatching its competition. While small adjustments were made to the lineup due to injuries, the biggest change came as quite a surprise for the outside observer.

Jaguars could secure winning record at home for first time since 2010 -
EverBank Field hasn't seen a Jaguars team with a winning record at home since 2010. That can change against the Falcons on Sunday.

Denard Robinson back in starting role for Jaguars -
Denard Robinson is about to get a progress report. The former Michigan quarterback is returning to a starting role with the Jacksonville Jaguars and is confident he made strides while playing behind rookie T.J. Yeldon this season. "I feel like I've grown as a player and as a running back," Robinson said Wednesday. "I think that's the biggest thing. I have grown from my rookie year to last year and to this year."