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The second hottest team in the league

The Jaguars have averaged 29.3 points over their past nine games, the second-highest PPG average in the league over that span.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Don't look now, but the Jaguars are averaging 29.3 points per game over their last nine contests.

Or maybe do look now. The Jaguars' recent offensive success isn't exactly a fluke -- in fact, it's an upward-pointing arrow. The franchise quarterback has thrown 24 touchdown passes over this nine-game span, as well as at least one TD pass in the last 13 games. This places Blake Bortles in a four-way tie for longest active streak in the NFL. Blake has accumulated 30 total touchdown passes this season -- the third highest total in the NFL.

Meanwhile, star wide receiver Allen Robinson has accumulated ten touchdown catches over this nine-game span. Robinson leads all NFL receivers in TDs this season with 12. Julius Thomas has also arrived at the party (better late than never), catching a touchdown pass in each of the Jaguars' last four games.

29.3 points per game is the second highest nine-game average in the NFL, falling short of the 13-0 Panthers by 4.4 points.

Recent redzone success and a 51-point outburst against the Colts last weekend surely play a hefty role in this hefty figure. In 2013 and 2014, the Jaguars posted a PPG total of 15.4 and 15.6, respectively. This was good enough for a last place ranking in the league for both seasons.

Over the past nine games, the Jaguars have doubled these numbers. The team's overall 2015 average is 25.6 points per game (9th place in the league) -- a quantity that will surely continue to rise if the team is able to maintain their current scoring velocity.

Scoring has suddenly become a staple of a team that, very recently, seemed to struggle obtaining any kind of yardage at all.  Hell, there's even a semi-realistic chance that this scoring could place the Jaguars in a position to contend for the division in week 17.

At the very least, this scoring is a legitimate sign of a young team taking a significant step. The Jags' current win/loss record might not mirror the success that the offense appears to have uncovered, but who knows -- that might just be the next stride.