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Jaguars vs Falcons final score: Jaguars fall to Falcons 23-17 in close game

What did we learn in Sunday's loss to the Falcons?

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars fell 23-17 to the Atlanta Falcons in another game that seemed like it just slipped through their fingers. For a home finale it was an entertaining -- albeit frustrating -- game. With the loss, what did we learn about the Jaguars?

1. Missed opportunities haunt the Jaguars this year

In every game there are a handful of plays that ultimately dictate the result. But for the Jaguars this rings truer than for most other teams. There were several big misses in the game -- Blake Bortles' interception in the red zone, missed touchdown throws to Julius Thomas and Allen Hurns, and Denard Robinson fumbling the ball and losing 13 yards. This is a hump the Jaguars are gonna need to learn to get over next season.

2. Poz is a warrior

I have been very critical over the years of Paul Posluszny. But I'll own up to it when he makes me look stupid. Not only has he had his best season of his entire career this year, but today might've been the best game he's ever had considering the circumstances. Playing with essentially one hand he was able to make a ton of run stops and even an interception that led to a Jaguars touchdown.

3. This offense needs Yeldon

Denard Robinson is a nice player. He can be a solid change-of-pace back. But when he is your No. 1 running back, your running game is going to suffer. That is just the blunt truth. Denard had a few nice runs today but ultimately his vision looked off and he couldn't create any yards on his own. Add on the two bad fumbles and it was just a really rough game from him.

4. Pass defense still needs an overhaul

If you want to know why the defense needs a facelift, just look at their performance on third downs today. No matter the distance, they just couldn't get a stop. Whether they blitzed or only brought four after the quarterback, they couldn't get anywhere near Matt Ryan. They made it way too easy on an offense that had really been struggling coming into the game.