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Who was to blame for the Jaguars loss to the Falcons?

Blake Bortles' misses, Denard Robinson's inability to run the ball well, soft pass coverage, a lack of a third down conversions... What do you think was to blame for the Jaguars loss on Sunday?

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars helped yet another team snap a six-game losing streak when they lost to the Atlanta Falcons 23-17 at EverBank Field. Through a combination of turnovers, bad defense, and no third down conversions, the game was a disappointing and frustrating way to close this year's slate of home games.

But what do you think was the biggest reason the Jaguars lost on Sunday?

No third down conversions

You can't go 0-for-8 on third downs and expect to win. Granted, the team converted quite a few first and second downs -- and had help with Falcons penalties to sustain drives -- but third down conversion has been a problem all year long, even in games where we dominated. Hell, the Jaguars didn't even convert a third down until the fourth quarter of last week's 51-16 blowout against the Indianapolis Colts.

Blake Bortles' misses

Overall, I thought Blake played a fine game. After all, he was the reason we were within one possession for most of the game. But his overthrows on would-be touchdowns to Julius Thomas and Allen Hurns and his interception at the goal line to close out the first half were key mistakes in the most important points of the game.

A defense that is lacking

Matt Ryan had his way with our defense and Julio Jones was able to find holes often. Every so often, a defender would make a play and defend a pass, or pop one up for Paul Posluszny to intercept with one hand, but for the most part, the defense was vulnerable to the Falcons' passing attack. And the pass rush was a non-factor on Sunday. They put slight pressure on Ryan, but for about 75% of his throws he wasn't hurried at all. And one sack by Jared Odrick just isn't going to cut it.

Denard Robinson's... everything

I thought Denard would be a serviceable replacement for an injured T.J. Yeldon. At worst, I thought he'd limit mistakes and the pass could set up the run late. Instead, Denard lacked vision, had two fumbles, and never got in any sort of rhythm. I can't blame Greg Olson for putting this game on the passing offense.