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Jaguars lose another important game, still alive in NFL playoffs

The Jaguars lost another game they could (and should) have won. And so it goes.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars couldn’t complete the comeback against the Atlanta Falcons in Sunday’s 23-17 loss, which saw the comeback hopes die on a Blake Bortles pass that sailed just over the outstretched arms of Allen Hurns. Had the two been able to connect, there was nothing but green, green grass ahead of Hurns on his path to the endzone for the game tying touchdown. Alas, the pass just missed and that was the story of Sunday’s game.

The Jaguars just missed on another win.

While the Jaguars are shockingly still alive in the AFC South race and for the 2015 NFL playoffs, I’m going to go ahead and shut that door because it’s not happening. Just about every time the Jaguars have tried to follow up a big win or head into an important game, they screw the pooch. It’s sort of become their modus opperandi during the season.

Jaguars are set to head into halftime after a long touchdown drive with the ball after the break and Bortles throws a goal line interception leading to three points. The team is getting ready to drive down the field to take the lead and Denard Robinson fumbles, twice. Bortles fumbles. They can’t stop the Falcons on third down. They haven’t realized if Julio Jones lines up in the slot he’s going to run across the middle and Matt Ryan is going to throw it to him.

So it goes.

In a way, I’m glad the playoff talk is nearly dead and buried because the Jaguars weren’t in the hunt by way of their own doing. The only reason, I believe, more people aren’t upset about the Jaguars currently sitting at 5-9 is the fact that the AFC South has been so abysmal. Every team but the Jaguars in the division has dealt with injuries to the quarterback position and playing with backups. They’ve dealt with coaching changes, coordinator changes and quarterback changes. The Jaguars are the most stable team in the division, but even with their poor record everyone else being bad is pulling them towards the top more than the Jaguars climbing there.

It’s time for a little splash of cold water right in the face: The Jaguars still aren’t very good, they’re poorly coached and look like to finish with 5-6 wins. If you told me at the beginning of the season they’d finish 6-10 I’d be happy to take it, but given how the season has transpired that’s a massive disappointment.

The Jaguars have continuously lost to bad teams and been other team’s slump busters. Do you have some ridiculous losing streak you need snapped, like losing 11 straight games at home? Play the Jaguars, you’ll bust the slump.

It’s just frustrating. Three of the Jaguars last four losses have come to two-win teams and a team who’s lost seven of their last eight games. How does that happen?

There’s been some massive improvement on the roster, but even with arguably the easiest schedule the team will ever see, they’re struggling to get six wins.

I’m not going to say it, you know my thoughts and it’s not happening, but it is what it is.

The Jaguars can go 16-0 in 2016 and Gus Bradley will still have a losing record.

I'm not sure how I see the Jaguars beating the New Orleans Saints on Sunday with this pass rush or how they're going to beat the Houston Texans on the road.