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Observations from the Jaguars Week 15 loss to the Falcons

Observations and musings from week 15 of the Jaguars season.

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

1) Jaguars lose game they should have won, water is still wet.

This has to be one of the most frustrating seasons in team history. They aren't bad enough to let you stop caring about the season completely, but they aren't good enough to win games that they "should" win. You see the flashes of young talent but they just can't put it together for 4 quarters. Frankly, the thing this team is best at is finding a new way to lose every time they do in fact lose. Nothing is going to change about that in 2015, and all you can really do is hope they figure out how to close games in 2016.

2) Bortles was good until it mattered.

This was also one of the more frustrating Blake Bortles games, but not for the typical reasons. He played a solid game and made a number of high level of difficulty throws but he justtttttttt missed on 2 big plays that would have changed the game; An overthrow to a wide-open Julius Thomas streaking down the sideline in the first half, and an overthrow of an open Allen Hurns running down the middle of the field on the final drive of the game that would have put the Jaguars in a very winnable situation of Hurns wouldn't have scored. Add in the horrible INT on the goal line at the end of the half, and Bortles was a wreck to watch. Not because it was all bad, but because it was bad when he couldn't afford to be bad.

3) Relax with the knee jerk reactions to the OL.

Luke Joeckel almost gave up a sack in the Jaguars redzone in the first quarter and my mentions got flooded with tweets arguing that Joeckel has in fact not had a good season. That is the problem with watching OL play. Every Lineman is going to have bad plays. Every single one of them. With how many plays are run a game, it is impossible to ask them to be perfect all game. When it is happening over and over again every game, then it is an issue. When it happens once early game and then not again for the rest of the game? Then calm down.

4) Denard Robinson showed the type of player he is one and for all.

There was quite a bit of debate on twitter this week about T.J. Yeldon and Denard Robinson as the Jaguars best back, but I think we can close the book on that one for good. Denard showed this week that while he can be an effective change of pace back, he can not be the foundation of your running game. He lacks the vision and overall consistency that you need. The best thing about Yeldon is you know what you are getting every play. It is steady. With Denard, there are far too many negative plays when he has a large workload. He has a place on the team, but it is not as the #1 RB.

5) 3rd downs show the issue with the 2015 Jaguars.

Not a single 3rd down converted on offense, on a day where rhythm was hard to find and there were too many "almost plays." Couldn't get the Falcons off the field on 3rd down, regardless of how the defense played it. This game epitomized the 2015 Jaguars.

Weekly superlatives

Offensive Player of the Week: Allen Robinson

Dominated against Marcus Trufant, one of the better CBs in the NFC. Is taking his game to the next level each week.

Defensive Player of the Week: Poz and Odrick.

Dominant performances from both players, despite the lack of execution from those around them.

Best Play: Marqise Lee 4th quarter catch.

Incredible catch, no other way to describe it.

Rookie of the Week: A.J. Cann

With Rashad Greene being a non-factor on O and Michael Bennett still trying to carve out a role, this was an easy choice.

Hanxed It Award: Denard Robinson's ball security.

A 2nd and 1 turned into a 3rd and long. Go Jaguars.

Stat of the week: The Jaguars didn't convert a single 3rd down.

How does that happen?