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Jacksonville Jaguars Q&A: Time to talk NFL Draft?

Who should the Jaguars target in the NFL Draft? Will Toby Gerhart return in 2016? Should we still be talking playoffs?

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are somehow still alive in the playoff hunt four days before New Years -- 16 weeks into an NFL season.

What a time to be alive.

Still, most fans seem to have ditched the burden of rooting for the Tennessee Titans in favor of looking ahead to the 2016 draft and free agency. Very well -- you have (draft) questions, and we have answers. Let's get to it.

Nick from Cooper City, FL

Q: Straight and simple, why doesn't Allen Robinson get the ball a lot more?

A: Allen Robinson currently has the ninth-most targets of any receiver in the National Football League. He is averaging 16.5 yards per reception (11th-best in the league) and has accumulated 1,141 total yards this season (seventh-best). He's getting the ball.

Rudolph from the North Pole

Q: Is there any way at all that Zach Mettenberger wins out to end the season for Tennessee? I know the kid can play and I'll be rooting for him these last two weeks. With Drew Brees hurt and Houston starting... who again at quarterback? The Jaguars seem to have a legitimate shot at playoffs. It's gonna be a nail biter as long as they finish strong and can actually show some consistency these last two games. That's a big IF!

A: Can Mettenberger win out? Against two AFC South teams without their starting quarterbacks? Absolutely. Will he? I think there's a better chance he won't than he will, but I think the games we should be most worried about are the ones involving the Jaguars. I think there's a better chance the Titans win out than we do.

Rob from Seattle, WA

Q: Do you see the Jaguars addressing any offensive positions in the draft or free agency? Seems like we have some solid depth in most positions, just curious about a couple of positions you could see the Jaguars looking to upgrade. One that comes to mind is maybe a new backup quarterback? Center?

A: Chad Henne will be our backup quarterback for as long as he wants to be, and with Blake Bortles' durability I wouldn't worry too much about it. As far as center, I think we break the bank for Alex Mack... and that notion is gaining ground throughout the league. If we use a pick in the NFL Draft on offense, I'd be shocked. (Not really, but our first 2-4 picks should be defense.)

David from Chattanooga, TN

Q: Is a cornerback the obvious first round draft pick for the Jaguars? Vernon Hargreaves?

A: Obvious? No, not at all. I think there's a better chance we pick any defensive position over cornerback, honestly. I can see a pass rusher, linebacker, or free safety picked over a cornerback.

Mark from Middletown, NJ

Q: With Dante Fowler being a tweener as a pass rusher, would the Jaguars roster support switching to a 3-4/5-2 defense? If so, would it help the pass rush even with the Jaguars defensive ends who have more offside penalties then hurries?

A: I think we stay in our 4-3 base and I think you'll see us target (and sign) premier guys on defense that reinforce that scheme.

Tate from Hobe Sound, FL

Q: Do you see Toby Gerhart returning to the team next year? If so do you think the team would try him out at the fullback position?

A: To answer your first question, no. But to answer your second question... no.

Jay from Westside

Q: Who should the Jaguars draft in the first round? I'm thinking the 8-10 range...

A: Reggie Ragland, Jaylon Smith, or Jalen Ramsey.

Tom D from Jacksonville, FL

Q: No question. Just a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you guys. Thanks for the great articles!

A: 'Twas two nights after Christmas,

when the playoffs seemed absurd,

Blake Bortles threw five touchdowns,

and playoff pictures blurred.

The Saints lost at home,

the Titans won two straight,

the Jaguars made the playoffs,

boy, wouldn't that be great.

Happy New Year everyone -- thank you for all of your support in 2015.