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Jaguars vs. Saints final score: Jacksonville defense embarrassed in 38-27 loss

Jacksonville's defense looked naked, afraid, and alone in their 38-27 loss to New Orleans.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost 38-27 to the New Orleans Saints today, largely due to their team -- mostly the defense -- looking completely unprepared and overwhelmed by an injured quarterback, a running back who's been out of the league for three years, and a receiving group missing Marques Colston.

With Jonas Gray as the best available running back the Jaguars had, Blake Bortles took it upon himself to win the game single-handedly. That rarely goes well. The offensive line had several drive-killing penalties at key times. The secondary looked lost. The defensive line couldn't get pressure. The linebackers looked lost without Telvin Smith.

So, what did we learn in today's game?

1. Blake Bortles deserves a better... everything

Bortles is taking it upon himself to win almost every game this season, and that's not a recipe for success. Unless Bortles has some help from his defense and running backs, we're going to continue to see an extremely up-and-down Bortles.

2. I'll be shocked if our first 3-4 draft picks aren't on defense

The Jaguars looked completely unprepared and overwhelmed on defense. Our line can't get pressure on an injured Drew Brees. Our secondary can't keep up with receivers on a consistent basis. We allowed Tim Hightower his first 100-yard game since 2010. We need help on the defensive side of the ball... badly.

3. T.J. Yeldon needs to get healthy

It's very, very obvious that Denard Robinson can't be a feature back in the NFL. And Jonas Gray is a band-aid. We don't have anyone on the active roster who can be a three-down back in the league except for T.J. Yeldon. Get healthy, T.J.