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Observations from the Jaguars Week 16 loss to the Saints

Observations and musings from Week 16 of the Jaguars season -- yet another disappointing loss.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

1) Pathetic is the only word that can be used to describe the defense anymore

Drew Brees could barely move on his plant foot. Tim Hightower has been out of the NFL for years. A 5th string RB caught a 40 yard TD pass. A 1st-and-30 turned into a 70+ yard TD bomb. Outside of a few interior DL, Telvin, Poz for one final year, and Davon House, tear it all down and start over on this side of the ball. Excuses for Cyp can't be made anymore. Colvin is a below average cover man. They need a lot of help.

2) What is the defense for Gus at this point?

I know we have been hammered with the Gus debate all season, but I gotta ask what is the defense for keeping him or entrusting him with a rebuilt defense next year. What has he done specifically for us to say "Yeah, this guy deserves another shot." If they can him, the worst case scenario is they hire somebody just as incompetent. If they keep him, good chances are they waste 2016. It sucks that it doesn't look like he is working out, but it is/will be historic when he survives this season considering how poorly his teams have done.

3) End of Gratz/Smith tenures, more to come.

It seems like the Jaguars have already begun to draw lines for the mass exodus that is coming on the defensive side of the ball. Gratz and Smith were both healthy scratches, and neither has done anything to earn a another year on the team. If I had to guess what other players will be missing from team next season I'd say Sergio Brown, Demetrius McCray, Chris Clemons, and Andre Branch. Josh Evans and Johnathan Cyprien's futures depend on if Jax makes any moves in the offseason.

4) Allen Hurns 1,000 yard season most impressive stat on the team

I know Robinson has been a top 5-6 WR this year. But he was a 2nd round pick who we all expected big things from. I know Blake bounced back from a very bad rookie season to 40 TDs/4,000 yards being in reach in year 2. But Hurns 1-10 TD/1,000 yard season is still the most impressive in my eyes. Considering he was not even drafted, suffered through a very inconsistent first season, and was regarded by many to not even being the better WR compared to Lee until the season started, Hurns has defied more odds. Either way though, him and Robinson have both had 2 of the best seasons a Jaguars WR has ever had for a number of reasons.

5) Draft season has started

You can fight it all you want. But it is here, bubba. Strap in and enjoy the ride.

Offensive Player of the Week: Bortles/Hurns/Robinson trio

Bortles had 2 INTs early (only 1 his fault) but bounced back to try to help his team scratch and crawl back during a glorified 7-on-7 game.

Defensive Player of the Week: No.

Again, in a defensive performance THAT bad, nobody deserves praise.

Best Play: 90 yard A-Rob TD

Longest TD in franchise history is a small consolation prize for the L.

Rookie of the Week: A.J. Cann.

Literally no other candidates..but he is still playing well.

Hanxed It Award: Jaguars defense and staff.

Drew Brees was missing his right foot and a number of key players and threw for 412 yards and  TDs. Disgusting.

Stat of the week: Blake Bortles is 0-3 in games where he throws 4 TDs or more.