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Jacksonville Jaguars Q&A: How do we start scoring red zone touchdowns?

In this week's column, we answer questions about the red zone, our need for playmakers on defense, Jared Odrick's role on this team, and if play calling is actually the problem.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew from Boynton Beach, FL

Q: How do the Jacksonville Jaguars start scoring touchdowns in the red zone?

A: I don't know. I really don't. I can tell you what they've done so far hasn't worked, so I'd start with trying what they haven't done -- letting Blake Bortles run it, or feeding T.J. Yeldon.

Mark from Middletown, NJ

Q: This defense is maddeningly inconsistent one week their forcing four turnovers the next their giving up four touchdowns in the red zone. I'm not sure if there is a make-or-break player on this team or whether it's just purely the matchup, but what is causing this defense's performances to fluctuate so much?

A: They have a lot of bad players in the most important positions in Gus Bradley's defense. Pass rusher and safety are the foundations of what Bradley is trying to build here in Jacksonville and I'd say those are our weakest positions on the team.

Alan from Aurora, IL

Q: Are the red zone issues more of a play calling issue or a player execution problem?

A: First, I just want to say it's both. Blake Bortles has missed his fair share of fades into the back corner of the end zone and I suspect it will be a major point of emphasis in the offseason. That said, I think it's more about play calling. At this point, you can tell offensive coordinator Greg Olson has zero idea what will work because he's trying everything he can think of. There have been routes over the middle, fades, four straight runs with Toby Gerhart, three straight runs with Denard Robinson, etc... What Olson hasn't tried is what seems to be the simplest and most effective options -- let Bortles or Yeldon run with it. They've gotten the fewest red zone touches this season and I have no idea why.

Dillon from Sanford, FL

Q: Will the Jaguars try to sign anyone to help the pass rush before the seasons over?

A: With five games to go, and no news coming out this week of anything, I'd be shocked if they signed anyone. I wouldn't be shocked, however, if they listed Andre Branch or Chris Clemons as inactive and tried to give Chris Smith or a practice squad guy more reps late in the season.

Logan from Tulsa, OK

Q: What position do we need to pick up for either the draft or free agency?

A: Pass rusher, free safety, and cornerback... and the gap between the first and the next two is so big that if we were to find playmakers at pass rusher only and kept our exact same defense as this year, we'd make huge strides. But this is a draft where we can find at least two of those three positions and free agency will be wide open this year, so I expect us to spend a lot of money on defense. Weirdly, I'm kind of excited about the future of our defense, because the interior of our defensive line is very, very good, Telvin Smith is one of the best outside linebackers in the league, Paul Posluszny is playing his ass off, and Davon House has grown into the veteran presence we needed in the secondary.

Akeem from Gainesville, FL

Q: Is Jared Odrick a bust free agent or is the big end position not supposed to be good at getting after the quarterback?

A: His "big end" position is geared more towards putting him in a position to stuff the run, but as the Jaguars start to move him in and out due to the Sen'Derrick Marks' injury he will, and has, seen more opportunities to get interior pressure. When the Jaguars have a healthy Marks and a pass rusher worth a damn, Odrick will shine bright like a diamond.