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Jaguars have to be careful not to let season get away from them

With the playoffs seemingly out of the picture, the Jaguars can't let this season spiral out of control. They're still playing for something.

Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

At 4-7, the NFL playoffs seems rather unlikely for the Jacksonville Jaguars as I wrote on Wednesday. That doesn’t mean the entire season is at a loss however, as the team does have quite a few "winnable" games in the remaining five. The problem though is, we’ve seen that far too often for the Jaguars these "winnable" games have ended up in losses more than wins, and that’s a trend that has to stop moving forward.

The combined record of the teams the Jaguars are facing in the final five games of the 2015 season is 24-31. It includes the 2-9 Tennessee Titans on the road Sunday and an Atlanta Falcons team that’s lost five of their last six games and could have a losing record by the time they come to Jacksonville, at the end of a three game road stretch.

The team the Jaguars play on Sunday was a team the Jaguars beat, just barely, at home on Thursday Night Football. That "just barely" qualifier has come up in every win the Jaguars have had this season. Blake Bortles has four come-from-behind wins this season, which leads the NFL. Guess how many wins the Jaguars have overall? Yep, four.

Every win the Jaguars have had this year they’ve had to come back and win it at the end, and every win has been by less than a touchdown. In fact their biggest win of the season was by six points, against the Titans. Dating back to 2013 when the Gus Bradley/David Caldwell era began, the Jaguars have only won a single game by more than one score.

It’s likely going to be more of the same through these next five games, which means they’re just as losable as they are winnable. The team has to be careful not to let the season get away from them. At 4-7, considering who and how they’ve lost games to this season, makes the remaining five games very tenuous and if they don’t figure out some of their issues in the red zone (29 percent success rate vs. league average of 55 percent), the season can go south rather quickly.

Sitting at 4-7, as mentioned on Wednesday a 6-10 finish should be the bare minimum for the Jaguars. It’s just as possible to finish with more than that than it is to finish with less. They absolutely cannot finish with less than six wins on the season.

This is a Jaguars team that should handily beat the Titans on Sunday, but there have been more than a handful of games where I’ve felt like the Jaguars should win, and they haven’t.