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Is it playoffs or bust for the Jaguars in 2016?

With Gus Bradley returning for the 2016 season being confirmed, is the bar set at making the 2016 NFL playoffs?

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan announced that head coach Gus Bradley would be returning in 2016. The timing of the news was more a surprise than the actual news, simply because it just confirmed that no matter what would have happened in Sunday's game against the Houston Texans, Bradley would be back. In Khan's statement however, there was a comment that stuck out to me in particular.

"It's also evident the considerable work that remains to be done to be where we expect to be at this time next season, which is well above where we stand today," Khan said in his statement on Tuesday.

To me, that translates to it being playoffs or bust for the regime in the 2016 season, which means the win total at minimum should be set at 10. Major injuries and such can obviously alter that, but Gus Bradley is essentially coaching for a new contract so he will need to have a career type year. Now, six wins will obviously be a "career year" for him, but in all honesty finishing with less than double-digit wins should be unacceptable. You can't hand Bradley a new contract if he simply goes 9-7, without extenuating circumstances.

The other nice thing about how this has played out is, no one can call anyone impatient or irrational anymore. There's clearly an expectation for the 2016 season. There's no more letting it play out. There's no more talk of being patient, or it was a total rebuild or any of the other nonsense.

It's also pretty clear from Khan's statement he's disappointed with the results this season and the offensive development saved Bradley's job. It doesn't make it sound like it was a four year plan from he get-go, but now it's become a four year plan.

In my opinion, the expectation should be playoffs or bust for the Jaguars which means at least 10 wins, because 9-7 typically will not get you into the dance.