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Observations from Week 13 vs. the Titans

Observations and musings from Week 12 of the season where the Jaguars fell to the Titans in a 42-39 contest.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

1) The defense is broken beyond repair.

I know it seems like we keep beating a dead horse on this topic, but this game was a new low for a defense that has found ways to get worse as the year has gone on. They couldn't stop the run, couldn't tackle, couldn't get the Titans off the field on 3rd down, and couldn't hold them to FGs inside the redzone. And the Mariota run TD was quite simply embarrassing to watch. There needs to be a retooling of the defense from top to bottom. Talent, scheme, etc. Blow it up.

2) Bortles and Robinson make history

Statistically, Bortles and Robinson both had arguably the best games from a QB and WR in team history. That may be a difficult pill to swallow for those who experience from nostalgia, but it is a fact. The fact that the team still couldn't pull out the W despite 5 TDs and a mistake-free performance from their QB and a downright dominant game from their best WR is quite possibly the most disappointing takeaway from a season that is full of disappointing takeaways.

3) Run game looked better

Numbers wise, the run game was again pedestrian. But you can't really blame Olsen for that when Borltes and Robinson were having the type of days that they were. When the run game was utilized, though, it was effective. Yeldon had more room to run and despite not breaking a long run, he broke a decent amount of tackles. Robinson also looked solid in limited time.

4) Mariota is going to be a problem.

I wasn't a huge fan of Mariota coming into the NFL, but to think he isn't supremely talented for a rookie QB is just ignorant at this point. He is going to be a big problem for years to come, if the Titans build around him as well as their AFC Rival counterparts have around their young QB.

5) A perfect day in the redzone.

There is no telling if the redzone woes are truly fixed from this point on, but the Jags were perfect on Sunday. Bortles made good reads, good throws into tight windows, and the skill players all executed well. They even had a rushing TD! (Only 2nd on the year which is hahahahahhaha). Hopefully, they can build on this performance to close the season out.

Weekly superlatives

Offensive Player of the Week: Bortles and Robinson.

Both shattered season and singular gameday records. Best performance of eachs career.

Defensive Player of the Week: None.

Nobody had a "good" game on defense. Nobody.

Best Play: Pick any of Robinson's TDs.

Literally any of them.

Rookie of the Week: T.J. Yeldon

Aside from another steady performance in both the run and pass game, Yeldon had another strong performance as a pass blocker. He had struggled there during the middle stretch of the season, glad to see he is back to form.

Hanxed It Award: Andre Branch in coverage on 4th down.

Jaguars were never gonna win the game at this point, but why is there actually a play call that asks Andre Branch to cover somebody? In 2015? Really?

Stat of the week: Blake Bortles is 0-2 when he throws for 4 or more TDs.