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Enough with the whole Jason Myers thing

It's time to cut Jason Myers. Now. Immediately.

Larry French/Getty Images

The Jason Myers experiment for the Jacksonville Jaguars should be over at this point in time. You cannot miss this many extra points in the NFL, even with it moved back, and expect to keep your job as a kicker. It’s happened too many times now and it’s been a huge factor in too many games that the Jaguars ended up losing.

Yeah, sure, he made a game winning field goal against the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens, half of the Jaguars 2015 wins, but he’s been at least partially responsible for a handful of losses.

In Sunday’s loss to the Tennessee Titans, Myers missed the first extra point of the game, his fifth of the season. That miss, in part, led to the Jaguars going for two points on their next touchdown drive, which they did not convert, putting them further in a hole. Then later on in the game Myers missed his sixth extra point, the most in the NFL by a decent margin, and impacted scoring later on. It put the Jaguars down a full score.

At one point in the game, when the Jaguars scored and were down by three points after the extra point (which he made), had they just converted their prior extra points it would be a tie game. This put unneeded pressure on the offense, which had carried the team all day, and pressed them to score more points. Sure, you want to score more points, but playing from behind is a lot different than playing tied late in the fourth quarter.

Myers has made some big kicks, long kicks but he misses the easy ones far too often. I don’t think the Jaguars end up release Myers at this point, but my word… How many easy kicks does he get to miss? Myers is only the third player in NFL history to make less than 80 percent of his extra point attempts with at least 25 attempts. That’s insane.

People like to joke that kickers and punters don’t matter and I believe the difference between good enough and great ones are negligible, but it definitely makes a difference when they’re not good. Myers, at this point, hasn’t been good enough. It’s unacceptable to miss that many extra points.