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Week 13 sack analysis vs the Titans.

Analyzing each sack given up by the Jaguars all season, moving onto Week 13.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into their week 13 matchup with the Titans, the Jaguars had surrendered 35 sacks on the season. They were able to add on 2 more sacks to that total due to the Titans game.

Sack No. 1:

Situation: 3rd-and-6 at the Jaguars 22 yard line. 7:59 left in Q2.

The Sack: Sack #1. Wiz just gets straight up beat.

Who was at fault: Wiz

Wiz simply gets straight up beat here, and the pressure right in Bortles play dooms the play from ever being able to materialize.

Sack No. 2:

Situation: 4th-and-4 at the Jaguars 11. 2:08 left in Q4.

The Sack:

Who was at fault: Luke Joeckel

Despite another strong performance, Luke does give up the sack at the end of the game. With that said, this play was a mess from the snap and if not Luke, then someone else would've gave up the sack. It was just bad.

Either way, leaving a game with only 2 sacks given up is fine. The OL had one of their best days pass blocking of the entire season, and Yeldon had his 2nd straight game of excelling in pass protection after a really rough stretch a month ago.

Updated sack accountability chart for 2015:

Player or situation

Sacks at fault for.

Luke Joeckel


Zane Beadles


Stefan Wisniewski


A.J. Cann


Jermey Parnell


Blake Bortles


T.J. Yeldon


Sam Young



(Coverage sack, free blitzer, etc...)