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Jaguars release Jason Myers

The Jaguars have finally released Jason Myers. He is replaced by Air Bud.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have announced that beleaguered kicker Jason Myers has been released today.  While it is an unsurprising move, Myers' replacement is unconventional to say the least. The Jaguars announced that replacing Myers would be Air Bud, a golden retriever.

Myers' short tenure in Jacksonville was beset with frustration. While he did kick game-winning field goals against the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens, Myers missed six extra points through the entire season. Myers most damning performance was in Indianapolis against a flaccid Colts team led by Matt Hasselbeck. In that game, Myers not only missed the game-winning field goal to win the game in regulation, but also the game-winning field goal in overtime. Coupled with the loss at Tennessee last week that featured two missed extra points, Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell was forced to make a change.

"It's unacceptable," said Caldwell.  "You cannot have a kicker kick a team into bad situations instead of kicking a team out of them. We had to make a drastic change," he said at a hastily called press conference. "Bud isn't your average kicker, but he's better than what we had," said Caldwell as he pointed to a golden retriever seated at the podium.

Air Bud, or Buddy as he likes to be known, is a multi-sport athlete that has excelled in basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, and football. While this is Buddy's first professional sports contract, he is known throughout the world as a clutch athlete and a loyal teammate.  When asked how Myers took the news of his release, Jaguars Special Teams coach Mike Mallory responded, "Ruff."