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NFL free agency: Jaguars will have to pay big for a WR

If the Jaguars want to upgrade their receiver position in NFL free agency, they're going to need to open up the check book.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars appear ready to spend some money in the offseason during NFL free agency, which is good because if they want to add a veteran wide receiver to the mix, they'll need to spend a lot of it. Wide receiver in free agency has always kind of been feast or famine, and without looking at history I'd just guess famine more often than not.

The last two big free agent receivers the Jaguars went after blew up in their faces for various reasons, but it's about that time to go back to the well and add a proven play maker to the fold. Thanks to Spotrac, we have somewhat of an idea what that's going to cost.

2015 NFL Free Agent Wide Receiver Projections

- Dez Bryant - 5 years, $76 million, $33.5 million guaranteed
- Randall Cobb - 5 years, $49 million, $15 million guaranteed
- Demaryius Thomas - 6 years, $100 million, $48 million guaranteed
- Torrey Smith - 4 years, $28.5 million, $14 million guaranteed
- Jeremy Maclin - 5 years, $49 million, $15.8 million guaranteed

Without getting into how weird some of these look (Dez getting less than Demaryius?), it's clear that in order to get one of the big time free agent receivers, the Jaguars will have to pay a good chunk of cash and will actually probably have to pay more than most teams, because of their current situation.

They might be a team on the rise, but the reality is they're still a team who's won 9 games over the past three seasons.