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Bills vs. Jaguars London game could be streamed online

The Jaguars vs. Bills match up in London could be the first NFL game to be streamed online.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be facing off against the Buffalo Bills in London next season, for their third trip across the Atlantic Ocean. There's already a wrinkle for this game as it will kick off at 9:30 AM ET, but there is also the possibility that it could be streamed over-the-top to everyone world wide.

"It would be carried on broadcast stations in both team markets, but it would also reach a worldwide audience, including millions of homes that do not have traditional television service," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said at the state of the league press conference, via The Sports Business Journal.

The game that could be considered is the Jaguars London game, because of the kickoff time. With the game kicking off at 9:30 AM ET, there is a great opportunity for the online stream of the game to hit other world markets in Europe, Asia and more.

Many different things, especially TV networks, are moving towards a model that includes digital distribution of content and the NFL could force other sports agencies to do the same. Networks like ESPN already have digital distribution, as well as the NBA, NHL and MLB with different packages. The NFL choosing to over-the-top digital distribution of a game that would normally be televised only in the Jacksonville and Buffalo markets however, is a big step towards overall digital distribution.