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Should the Jaguars pursue Greg Hardy in free agency?

Greg Hardy's domestic violence re-trial has been dismissed, so does this mean the Jaguars should pursue him in free agency?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Short answer: No.

Long answer: It's complicated and touchy, not worth the hassle.

Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy missed nearly the entire 2014 NFL season because of an off the field incident. Back in July Hardy was found guilty of domestic violence and communicating threats. Hardy was originally arrested in May of the 2014 offseason and found guilty of the charges below a few months later, then was placed on the commissioners exempt list missing the season.

According to the incident report, police responded to a call around 4:18 a.m. Tuesday at Ivey's, an upscale condominium building in the 100 block of North Tryon Street. The woman, who told police she and Hardy had been in a relationship since September, said Hardy physically assaulted and threatened her, according to the report.

The report states she suffered minor injuries - bruises and scratches - and she refused treatment. The report says she had been drinking alcohol.

There were also reports of Hardy throwing Holder down on a bed covered in various guns, etc.

Hardy's case was headed for a re-trial because in North Carolina a case with a guilty verdict heads to re-trial before an actual conviction, which is why he missed the entire season, because the NFL was waiting for resolution of the case before laying down a suspension, which is still expected to come despite what has happened.

The second case was dismissed when Nicole Holder, the alleged victim in the case, failed to appear for the trial and made herself "completely unavailable for the trial". Later on it was reported that Hardy and Holder reached an out-of-court settlement before the case was dismissed, which ultimately lead to its dismissal.

It's important to note that Hardy was originally found guilty of the charges and then reach a civil settlement with the alleged victim during the re-trial. This does not indicate that Hardy is innocent, or that he's still guilty. It just means that Hardy didn't want the case to continue in a court of law.

Based on the new NFL domestic violence policy, it's still possible for Hardy to be handed a six-game suspension for his first offense. Any team who plans to sign Hardy in the NFL offseason, as the Panthers have seemingly indicated they have no desire to bring him back, will need to completely vet the situation and consider the type of suspension he could be facing. If he receives the six-game domestic violence penalty, a second penalty could net him a life time ban from the NFL.

There's second chances and taking risks on players and then there's this. The Jaguars aren't a team in position to take on this kind of risk and likely PR issues. Hardy isn't really a LEO end, though he is a good edge rusher, he just doesn't make a lot of sense for this team. If the Jaguars want to add a pass rusher in free agency there are other options without all the baggage and there's also the No. 3 overall pick in the draft.