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2015 NFL free agency: Patriots who could be signed by Jacksonville

With Darrelle Revis and Devin McCourty headlining New England's free agent class, there's at least one player the Jaguars could target this offseason.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be looking to upgrade both sides of the ball wherever they can. And with the New England Patriots having quite a few players becoming free agents in a matter of weeks, a few of this year's Super Bowl champions could be targets to come to Jacksonville.

Here's a full list of Patriots free agents in 2015:

Player Age Position Cap Hit Status
Darrelle Revis 29 CB $7,000,000 UFA
Devin McCourty 27 S $5,115,000 UFA
Dan Connolly 32 G $4,083,333 UFA
Stephen Gostkowski 31 K $3,800,000 UFA
Shane Vereen 25 RB $1,101,275 UFA
Stevan Ridley 26 RB $939,750 UFA
Chris White 26 ILB $645,000 UFA
Danny Aiken 26 LS $645,000 UFA
Akeem Ayers 25 OLB $615,762 UFA
Jonathan Casillas 27 OLB $582,352 UFA
James Develin 26 FB $570,000 RFA
Brian Tyms 25 WR $378,529 RFA
Sealver Siliga 25 DT $374,824 RFA
Greg Orton 28 WR $303,000 RFA
James Morris 23 ILB $303,000 ERFA
Alan Branch 30 DE $301,765 UFA

Right off the bat, I think safety Devin McCourty is going to be a target. He's only 27 and can fill a huge hole on defense right away.

Other than McCourty, no one really stands out as a huge target. I don't see general manager Dave Caldwell spending what would be needed for Darrelle Revis, and other than Dan Connolly (no, we're not replacing Zane Beadles) the team isn't signing another free agent running back.