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Shad Khan presents Jacksonville Shipyards project

Jaguars owner Shad Khan presented a proposal for the Jacksonville shipyards.

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan finally revealed his plans for the Jacksonville Shipyards, which have been a vacant eyesore downtown for decades, during his state of the franchise press conference. The presentation shows the possibilities to revitalize downtown Jacksonville, which completely appeared unrecognizable, in a good way.

"The Shipyards would give Downtown Jacksonville the kind of iconic identity that many downtown districts in the United States enjoy and we currently lack," Khan said after the event. "But it doesn't work or make sense if it doesn't provide jobs, boost our economy and self-confidence, stabilize the future of the Jaguars franchise and improve our overall quality of life. Our proposal to partner with the City of Jacksonville on this project will achieve this and more."

The proposal included retail buildings, residential, multi-use buildings, restaurants, public fields and a new practice facility for the Jaguars.

"We have been very clear that a stronger Jacksonville, and particularly a stronger Downtown Jacksonville, will equate to a more stable and successful Jaguars franchise," Jacksonville Jaguars president Mark Lamping said. "The improvements to EverBank Field last year speak to ensuring that Downtown Jacksonville continues to be home to the NFL and the Jaguars, and to current and future major sporting and entertainment events. The upgrades to EverBank Field were the outcome of listening to our customers, and the results have been tremendous.

"Our Shipyards proposal extends that same vision beyond EverBank Field and directly to our downtown, where the project will generate jobs, increase tax revenues for the City of Jacksonville and help to bring more private dollars to our community. As the Jaguars listened to our customers at EverBank Field, Iguana will listen to the market with the Shipyards and work toward a development that will be welcomed by residents, businesspeople, residents, tourists and more. The net result will be a stronger Jacksonville, which in turn will strengthen the viability and stability of the Jaguars."

There is no set date on this project, mainly because it still has to be approved by the city council, but the seed has been planted publicly.