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Super Bowl XLIX: The worst play call of all time

The Seattle Seahawks had the Super Bowl win in their hands and they quite literally threw it away.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

If the Jacksonville Jaguars lost a Super Bowl, hell just a meaningful game, in the same fashion that the Seattle Seahawks did on Sunday night in Super Bowl XLIX I'm not sure what my reaction would be. Last night it was a mix of just feeling sick, as a neutral party, to laughing.

I was more dumbfounded than anything else.

An improbable bobbling catch down the field on the sideline put the Seahawks in position to take the late lead and very likely win the game. They handed the ball off to Marshawn Lynch on the very next play and he nearly scored. Surely any sane person would just hand the ball off three more times to the man known as "Beastmode" right?

The Seahawks got too cute and tried to hit a quick slant over the middle and the New England Patriots were all over it.

Run the dang ball.

I know this is armchair offensive coordinator after the fact and maybe the Seahawks just out thought themselves since I'm sure 99 percent of people watching the game expected the call to be a read-option when they lined up in the shotgun and they wanted to exploit that but...

Just run the dang ball.

Overall though, that was one of the best Super Bowls I can recall. From the overall game, the commercials to the halftime show I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

How would you react if something like that happened to the Jaguars?