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Julius Thomas rumors: Jaguars expected to be 'aggressive' in free agency

A Denver beat writer believes the Jaguars will be hard after Julius Thomas in free agency.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars are expected to go after some high profile free agents in the 2015 NFL offseason and a name that's becoming increasingly more popularly linked to the Jaguars is tight end Julius Thomas. Thomas has been debated about amongst Jaguars fans for weeks, but more and more you see rumors linking the two as a match in free agency, most likely because he fits a massive need and the Jaguars have tons of cap room.

This time, Mike Klis of The Denver Post, links to two. Klis notes that the Broncos are likely to lose Thomas in free agency and says the Jaguars "will be among the most aggressive pursuers."

Cole Hartley last week took a look at whether or not Julius Thomas was worth the money he'd garner in free agency and seemed to agree he'd get over paid, but overall it's worth the money because of what Thomas brings to the table.

"The various athletic traits that Julius Thomas enjoys are not often found bundled together into one player," Hartley wrote in his film breakdown, and he's right.

There are some concerns that Thomas' production only came with Peyton Manning as his quarterback, because if you look at the success of tight ends who were successful with Manning, post-Manning, it's not pretty. Then again, none of those tight ends held the physical traits that Thomas possesses.

I get the feeling that Thomas is going to be someone the Jaguars go hard after in free agency, because he fits a massive need. There's certainly some risk in the contract that's being handed out, but that's what comes with free agency. Luckily the Jaguars are in a situation where they can take that risk and it won't really hamstring them if they miss.