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What if the Jaguars followed Mel Kiper's NFL Mock Drafts?

The Jaguars draft picks the past few years have been questionable, at best, but what if Mel Kiper had made the picks?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Since the 2010 NFL Draft the Jaguars have made some, questionable we'll say, draft picks. Some of them were truly mind boggling and some made sense at the time, but a lot of them didn't really work out how they were intended. So, what would the Jaguars look like if ESPN's Mel Kiper had been making the picks in the first round, instead of Gene Smith/Dave Caldwell?

Philly Voice's Jimmy Kempski went back and charted all of Mel Kiper's picks for each team over the past five years. If the Jaguars had made these picks, I'm not sure the results would really be all that different.

Here's who the Jaguars picked vs. who Mel Kiper picked in that timeframe:

Year Jaguars Pick Mel Kiper's Pick
2010 Tyson Alualu Jason Pierre-Paul
2011 Blaine Gabbert Adrian Clayborn
2012 Justin Blackmon Quinton Coples
2013 Luke Joeckel Damontre Moore
2014 Blake Bortles Jadeveon Clowney

At first glance, it's easy to say Kiper's picks look much better, but if you really sit and think about it... I'm not sure. There is a clear cut stud player in Pierre-Paul, but beyond that you have some good solid players and one player who just had micro-fracture surgery on his knee and there are concerns he may not be very effective in 2015.

Clayborn is slated to hit free agency right now and has dealt with a lot of injuries, being a big disappointment for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Coples has been a solid player on the Jets and Moore seemed to establish himself as at the worst a good rotational option/future starter for the Giants.

So, which draft would you pick?