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NFL mock draft 2015: Daniel Jeremiah predicts Dante Fowler to Jaguars

More and more national pundits are predicting the Jaguars will select Florida pass rusher Dante Fowler at No. 3 overall. The latest?'s Daniel Jeremiah.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars will select a defensive lineman with their No. 3 overall pick. Most of the national media is unanimous in that assertion. But which lineman is an entirely different story.

Through most of the offseason, the Jaguars were either getting Leonard Williams or Randy Gregory. Then the Dante Fowler whispers started, with CBS Sports the most recent of the predictors saying the Florida player would be headed to Jacksonville.'s Daniel Jeremiah is joining the ranks, saying the Jaguars will grab Fowler after the Tennessee Titans grab Leonard Williams at No. 2 overall. The reasoning?

No. 3: Jacksonville Jaguars - Florida DE Dante Fowler

The Jaguars need to upgrade the offensive line, but there isn't a candidate worthy of the third overall pick. Adding Fowler would juice up an already solid pass rush.

Personally, I think it's Williams, Gregory, and Fowler (in that order) for the Jaguars at No. 3, and that there's no way the Jaguars have anybody on their board ahead of Williams. I can get on board with Fowler being a sort of "dark-horse" at No. 3 overall, but for Jeremiah to say our pass rush was "solid" last year is a bit far-fetched.

Yes, the Jaguars were sixth in sacks last year, but dead last in pressures, which is why we should grab the best pass rusher. Fowler is a question mark. Gregory looks like the better edge rusher. But whomever we get -- whether it's Williams, Gregory, or Fowler -- I trust this coaching staff to maximize their abilities.