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Jaguars salary cap: $12.3 million more than any other team

The Jacksonville Jaguars have more salary cap room than any team in the NFL, by double-digits.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN is reporting that the projected salary cap for the 2015 NFL season will be $143 million for each team. This would mean with cap space, plus unused cap space carried over from the 2014 season, the Jacksonville Jaguars have $67.1 million in cap room to play with in free agency.

It's also expected they'll play with it. A lot.

Money should not be a factor if there are a couple of free agents that the Jaguars decide they want to sign. The team is in a healthy cap situation where they can afford to overpay for a few players and it won't kill them down the line. They're also in a position where they can spike their cash spending to fall in line with CBA requirements, while significantly improving their roster.

You can afford to pay top dollar to a playmaker like Randall Cobb, or make Julius Thomas the highest paid tight end in the NFL, or even make a run at someone like Jason Worilds for the elusive OTTO position.

Unless a player just simply decides on another situation than the Jaguars, money should not really be a factor this offseason.