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Stevie Johnson rumors: 49ers to release wide receiver

Another wide receiver is reportedly hitting the market. Should the Jaguars go after him?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are reportedly releasing wide receiver Stevie Johnson, adding another veteran to this year's pool of free agents for the Jacksonville Jaguars to consider.

According to NBC's Dianna Marie Russini, the move would save $5.5 million of the 49ers cap room. But according to Niners Nation and Over The Cap's Jason Hurley, Johnson's release would save upwards of $6.025 million cap space.

Johnson was acquired by the Buffalo Bills during the 2014 NFL Draft for a conditional fourth round draft pick that could have potentially turned into a third rounder, if not for lack of production this year due to a knee injury.

The reportedly soon-to-be free agent receiver is only 28-years-old and could be worth a look by the Jaguars. He was effective in a limited role last season, catching 70% of the passes in which he was targeted and averaging 12.4 yards per reception.