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Jaguars offense to be built around Blake Bortles strengths

The Jaguars new offensive coordinator Greg Olson says the offense will be built around the development of Blake Bortles.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars overhauled their offensive staff this offseason after firing offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch. The team hired former Oakland Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson, who finally met the media on Thursday afternoon. The press conference was about what you would expect from a new hire, but Olson did say a few interesting things.

Something that he's touched on prior in a shorter interview, Olson mentioned that he'd like to build the offense around what quarterback Blake Bortles does well and frame it around his development.

"The expectations, where this kid was taken, and the expectation-level and talent-level, if everything we do is not with Blake Bortles’ development in mind, then we’re selling the franchise short and the team short. Fire and foremost, we start around Blake and at this level, that’s normally how it is," Olson said on Thursday.

No matter what you think of the Olson hire, what he's saying here is what you want to hear from him. If this team is going to be successful going forward, Bortles has to be the focus of it.

"You’re going to build it around a quarterback first because it’s a quarterback-driven league. If you look at the playoffs every year, and look at who are the teams that are in the playoffs, it’s the teams that have good quarterback play for the most part," Olson said. "Every once in a while, every 10 years or so, you’ll find that dominant defensive team that maybe can get by with the quarterback play that’s not playing at a high level. For the most part, right now, in this league and the way the rules are set, it’s all based around the quarterback."

The more Olson touched on his reasoning, the more I grinned because it's some of the same things I've said going forward. It doesn't really matter what the offensive scheme is, it's more about how good Blake Bortles will be.

With that being said, the smartest thing Olson can do going forward is to tailor the offense to his quarterback.