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Jared Odrick contract breakdown: Jaguars get a bargain down the line

The Jaguars signed Jared Odrick to a big contract in the offseason, but the deal isn't going to be a big burden on their salary cap.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The other big signing in free agency for the Jacksonville Jaguars was defensive lineman Jared Odrick, getting a five-year deal worth $42.5 million with 22.5 million guaranteed. Unlike Julius Thomas' deal, the deal for Odrick had an initial sticker shock by most people, but it was also considered a very good get for the Jaguars, who add even more talent to their defensive line.

Unlike Thomas' deal, Odrick did not have a signing bonus, but the first year of his deal will pay out a total of $9 million thanks to a $5 million roster bonus.

Here is how the rest of his contract breaks down.


Also like Thomas' deal, the Jaguars can completely get out of Odrick's contract after the 2016 season if necessary with no dead money. It's setup almost like a set of two different contracts for the Jaguars with that $2 million roster bonus due in 2017.

Odrick is just coming into his prime however, so with how it's structured if he plays how we think he will, it should be a bargain going forward.