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Jaguars NFL draft hat seems to feature wrong city skyline

The New Era NFL Draft hats all feature a city skyline, unless of course they feature the wrong city skyline, like the Jaguars cap.

This is not the skyline used on the New Era cap, but it should be
This is not the skyline used on the New Era cap, but it should be
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: New Era has heard us and will be addressing the issue soon. #StayWoke

Each year many fans eagerly await the unveiling of the NFL Draft day hat that each draft pick will wear on stage, especially now that New Era has the contract for NFL teams. This year, the draft day had features a two-tone hat for some teams, like the Jacksonville Jaguars, as well as the name of the city and a picture of the skyline embroidered on the inside of the brim of the hat.

It looks pretty awesome.

Until you start to inspect the skyline that New Era has used for Jacksonville, because it's not totally Jacksonville.

These buildings are uh... not in Jacksonville. It's not like the Jacksonville skyline is all that difficult to replicate, as you can see in the header picture at the top of this post, but somehow New Era messed up to the point that no one noticed the hats they sent out were not of the Jacksonville skyline, but seem to be parts of the Miami skyline.

The building in the third tweet embedded here is a picture of the Southeast Financial Center.

It appears one of the buildings might look like the Wells Fargo building (aka MODIS), but that's being kind of generous.

What the hell, man?

This is what it SHOULD look like: