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Jaguars free agency rumors: Brian Orakpo on the radar?

As we get closer to free agency, the Jaguars are linked with more and more players.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been linked with Washington pass rusher Brian Orakpo,  according to a report by NBC4's Dianna Russini. The Jaguars could be looking to add some key defensive pieces this offseason, so links to some of the top players shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Why this rumor makes sense

In the Jaguars defensive front it's likely that Orakpo could play the OTTO position or the LEO position, or most likely both spots. The team seemed to abandon the OTTO position in favor of a more traditional strong side linebacker spot, but it appears to be a position of focus this offseason, as well as adding more pass rushers.

Rushing the passer is something Orakpo can certainly do as he has 40 sacks in his NFL career, including two double-digit sack seasons as well as two season just shy of 10 sacks. He's a proven pass rusher who can come in Day 1 and help the Jaguars put pressure on the quarterback, which despite their sack numbers is something they didn't do consistently.

Why this rumor doesn't make sense

Orakpo is about to turn 29 in the offseason and has dealt with some major injuries the past few seasons. He's missed 23 games the past three seasons, tearing his pectoral muscle on three separate occasions. While Orakpo would probably help the Jaguars pass rush, depending on the cost you're also taking on a big time injury risk. Approaching the 30-year mark it's possible that Orakpo's body is just breaking down, which is why he's had the same injury the past few seasons. While it's likely the Jaguars spend in free agency, an injury riddled 28-year-old pass rusher doesn't seem like the most prudent guy to spend it on.

Chance this happens?

I would personally say slim, based on the concerns mentioned above.