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Maurice Jones-Drew to retire as member of Jaguars

No. 32 said on Friday that he wanted to come back to Jacksonville and retire as a member of the Jaguars.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be re-visited soon by one of their greatest players in franchise history, as former running back Maurice Jones-Drew said he wanted to retire as a member of the Jaguars.

On 1010XL's Jaguars Today radio show, Jones-Drew was joined by head coach Gus Bradley and said he and his family still love Jacksonville, he'll always be a fan of the Jaguars, and that he wants to retire as a part of the team.

Jones-Drew retired from the NFL on Thursday after a nine-year career in which he gained a total of 11,111 yards and 79 touchdowns. He said his future plans include coming back to Jacksonville in time to watch some OTA practices and to eventually get into broadcasting.